samten choling buddhist monastery, ghoom, darjeeling

Samten Choling Buddhst Ghoom Monastery

Overview of Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery

The Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery, also known as Ghoom Monastery, is located close to the thriving city of Darjeeling and is a tribute to the robust Buddhist culture that flourishes in this region of India.

It was established in 1875 by Lama Sherab Gyatso and serves as a symbol of enlightenment.

The Ghoom Monastery has been there for a variety of historical occurrences and changes in cultural norms. Its narrative is linked to the development of Buddhism in India. What then has taken place at this oasis of spirituality throughout the years?

Lord Buddha Statue at samten choling buddhist monastery, ghoom, darjeeling

The Architecture of Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery

exterior style:
The monastery showcases traditional Tibetan design elements. You can see its vivid hues, complex carvings, and the seamless integration of the natural surroundings from a distance.

Inside Decorating:
Buddhist Icons of significance – Visitors may view stunning thangkas (Buddhist scroll paintings), frescoes, and a colossal 15-foot statue of Maitreya Buddha, who represents the future Buddha, inside the monastery.

samten choling buddhist monastery, ghoom, darjeeling

Visiting Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery

What to Expect :
It is a rewarding experience to visit Ghoom Monastery since it offers tranquility, profound wisdom, and cultural understanding.

A large gate with a square arch is present. The main Monastery building, which has a white body and a golden top, is visible from the gate.

Whether you arrive early in the morning or late at night during prayer time, the young lamas and monks’ chanting and humming sound create a wonderful spiritual ambiance.

Throughout the prayers, you may spend as much time with them as you like. Buddhist manuscripts and literature are abundant in the monastery.

Cultural Etiquette:
Keep in mind to respect the monastery’s sanctity while you are there, abide by the rules, and conduct yourself in a way that is appropriate for this holy place.

How to Reach Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery

Samten Choling is ideally situated near Ghoom on the Hill Cart Route, about 7 kilometers from Darjeeling. The cab driver will probably bring you here by stating that this is the Ghoom Monastery unless you specifically state otherwise.

Most residents refer to this as the Ghoom monastery. It is very easy to visit this monastery as part of the 3-point itinerary since it is on the way to Batasia and Tiger Hill. Before you get at the Ghoom station, on your right, as you travel from Darjeeling Town toward Ghoom, is the Samten Choling Monastery.

Special Festivities and Events at the Monastery

Annual Festivals:
The Ghoom Monastery conducts a number of festivities every year such as ‘Tibetan New Year’, ‘Saka Dawa – The Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of Buddha’, ‘Lhabhab Dhuchen’ etc.

These celebrations offer a wholly encompassing cultural experience by showcasing vivid music, dancing, and food in the context of rich Buddhist traditions.

Community Participation:
The monastery serves as a hub for a variety of social events, educational programs, and charitable endeavors in the neighborhood.


No. There is no entry fee at Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery.

Yes. You can take photograph and video inside the Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery.

 The best time to visit Samten Choling Ghoom Monastery is at morning when you return from Tiger Hill.

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