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The Darjeeling Tiger Hill attracts tourists worldwide towards Darjeeling for the panoramic views of snow capped mountains of Himalayas. It is around 11 km away from the Darjeeling town and can be reached by pre-booked cab or shared cab or trekking by foot to the tiger hill summit. it takes about 40 minutes by car and around two hours by foot at a moderate speed.

Darjeeling Tiger Hill Overview ...

As Darjeeling is the ultimate viewpoint for Mount Kanchenjunga and eastern Himalayan range, many tourists come to see the majestic Himalayan Mountains. There are a some spots in Darjeeling that offer you a glimpse of the majestic Himalayas, and Tiger Hill is one of the best spots to view mighty Himalayas.

During New Year eve, a record number of visitors delight to visit this place. Tiger Hill is internationally acknowledged for presenting an attractive view of sunrise over Kanchenjunga, the highest peak in India and other peaks of the Himalayas.

Mesmerize to watch the spectacular 250km stretch of Himalayan horizon, including Mount Everest (8848m), Mount Khangchendzonga (8598m), Mount Kabru(7412m), Mount Narsing(5800m), Mount Kumbhakarna(7710m) and Mount Pandim(6691m) peaks are clearly visible and two of them are among world’s five highest peaks.

Spectacular peaks are clearly visible from Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill has been the most famous mountain peak in Darjeeling, as hundreds of tourists around the world come just to watch the sunrise from this beautiful spot. Get up very early around 3.30am and take a cab out to Tiger Hill Sunrise view point (2590m), from Darjeeling town, via Ghum, jorebunglow.

This morning itinerary is a major tourist attraction, however, if you prefer to view sunrise in peace you may try somewhere else like, Kanchenjunga View Point behind Mahakal Mandir.

Tourists gathered at Tiger Hill in early morning

Darjeeling Tiger Hill Picture ...

Best time to visit Tiger Hill, Darjeeling...

The best time to visit Tiger Hill is generally around the months of October – November in autumn, December – January – February in winter, March – April in spring. However, tourists used to visit Darjeeling throughout whole year.

Darjeeling Weather and darjeeling trmperature

Staying at Darjeeling tiger hill…

Considering the popularity of Tiger Hill, Government is making full-fledged staying arrangements at the Tiger Hill, most famous destination in Darjeeling.

Tiger Hill is a very popular spot among all tourists to Darjeeling for viewing changing colors of snow peaks at sunrise. Now the Tourism Department is setting up a tourist hub at an altitude of 8500ft. at Tiger Hill. The tourists will enjoy the mesmerizing view of sunrise from the balcony, sipping a hot Darjeeling tea.

Till the staying arrangements at the Tiger Hill complete, try to stay in close to Ghum, when you come to Darjeeling. Here are some great hotels close to Tiger Hill you may consider.

Darjeeling to tiger hill ...

Tiger Hill journey starts early morning. You need to start by 3.30 am to reach the sunrise view point by 4.15 am. In winters the starting time becomes 4.15 AM due to detained sunrise time. You can book a car for INR 1200 to INR 1800 from a travel agency in the city or pay INR 200 per head for shared cab. You must wear heavy woolen dress, cap, gloves and get your camera charged.

Tiger Hill Sunrise view point is 11km south from Darjeeling town. Your journey will follow Ghum, jorebunglow through the senchal road to the Tiger Hill sunrise view point. It takes about 40 minutes by car and around two hours by foot trekking.  The roads get blocked by a convoy of cars during the peak season. To reach the sunrise spot, you need to climb a short on foot from the parking spot of your cab.

Returning from tiger hill …

On your return, after taking a little downhill, you will see two temples on either side of the road. One of Lord Shiba and another one is Durga Mata Devi. You can spend some quality time here in the peaceful environment with the sound of hanging bell rings. As you down further, on the left hand side you can see Senchal Lake. The lake is down below the mountain. You can take a trip to visit the lake when returning from Tiger Hill.

Most of the package tours (guided) stop at Batasia Loop, Ghum Monastery, Dali Monastery and other attractions on the way back to Darjeeling town. Another interesting thing you may consider to stop at the Ghoom station, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the highest railway station in Darjeeling. There is a railway museum, which you can explore when returning from tiger hill.

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Tips to visit Darjeeling tiger hill …

  • When you visit Darjeeling during monsoons, do not plan for Tiger Hill. Since cloud covers whole area during monsoon and you may wind up seeing nothing.
  • To stand in the first row of the crowd, make sure you reach the summit by 4.00 – 4.30am.
  • Make sure to wear enough warm clothes from head to toe because temperature in the morning over Tiger Hill is below 0o
  • For Tiger Hill you have to book your taxis or cabs one day prior to your visit as limited number of car is permitted for Tiger Hill.
  • Don’t forget to take phone number of car driver and Take a picture of registration number plate of the car you booked. As you will not recognize your car when you return to the parking lot.
  • If you travel Darjeeling by self drive rented car, book a cab for Tiger Hill summit. As you are to take permit from Darjeeling and that is very difficult.

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FAQ about Tiger Hill Sunrise View point ...

Tiger Hill is famous for viewing sunrise and the golden Mt. Kanchenjunga when first ray of sunlight reflects on it.

may be accessed via pre-booked or shared taxi, or by walking on foot through Jorebanglow and then up the Senchal road slope to the Tiger Hill peak. It takes around 40 minutes by vehicle and approximately two hours on foot at a relaxed pace.

You may rent a car through a travel agency in the city for INR 1200 to INR 1800, or pay INR 200 per person for a shared cab.

Not every year, but in a very cold winter day, in between the months December to February you can see snow. The whole area gets covered with snow and you can also enjoy snow fall. You have to be lucky for that also.

Till the staying arrangements at the Tiger Hill complete, try to stay in close to Ghum, when you come to Darjeeling.

Mount Everest is hardly visible from Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill and Everest are 172 kilometers apart in a straight line.

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